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We really only have two rules:

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To preserve the respectful tone of community commentary, we actively monitor the comment stream. We welcome dissenting opinions, even sharp debate. We just ask that everyone be polite. After all, we’re neighbors.

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Comment FAQ

Q. How long should a comment be?

A. It can be any length. But short and pithy is good.

Q. Can I include links?

A. Yes, as long as they are not commercial.

Example (Don’t): Come visit my new hair salon!!!
Example (Do): More info on Triangle Wiki.

Q. What kind of comments are not welcomed?

A. Gloating, mocking, insulting or argumentative.

Q. What kind of comments do you generally remove?

A. Threatening, slanderous, obscene, defamatory and commercial.

Q. What do you mean by argumentative?

A. If you’ve said it already, no need to keep harping on the same point multiple times.

Q. Who moderates the comments?

A. Cary TTF editors flag comments that violate the policy for review by Town of Cary staff. Town staff is responsible for the removal of any comments.

Q. If my comment has been removed, can I comment again?

A. Sure! Rephrase your point and give it another try.

Q. Are my comments a “public record”?

A. Yes. All comments and submissions posted on this site are subject to the North Carolina Records Law and may be disclosed to third parties.

Q. How come some commenters have a little picture next to their name?

A. That’s called a Gravatar. Get one.

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