Regional “Datapalooza” for the Triangle?

Jason Hare, the Open Data Program Manager for the City of Raleigh, moments ago posted this comment:

Chris, Nick and I will be working on organizing a regional “Datapalooza” and with Nick’s help get the Whitehouse down here to kick off regional open government for the Triangle. Exciting times.

Wouldn’t it be great if the Town of Cary had some of its own data available for folks to palooze with by the time this gets off the ground?

(Please forgive my looseness with grammar — I know it should be “with which to palooze.”)

A New Public Service: the Civic Stack Thought Experiment

Joe Merante, a 2012 Code for America Fellow, recently proposed a thought experiment about what he terms the “Civic Stack.” His thoughts resonate with me.

As a software developer, I reason about technology solutions in terms of a “stack.” That is, a stack describes the layers of technology, their discrete roles in the solution, and how these layered components coordinate and collaborate to produce the solution. Continue reading