Auqastar presentation to ISAB: 12/3/2012

Dec 03_12 ISAB Webportal presentation

Here are some comments from members attending:

Specific Advice

  • Get a consult from an actual web designer.
  • Give it its own name:
  • Get some help on making the info graphics much more      compelling.
  • The site design is outdated and not engaging.
  • The look and feel does not invite the user and it      provides too many choices for navigation.  There are at least 4      “nav bars” on the web site.  Navigation should be      unambiguous and concisely and prominently located.
  • The modern web uses immersive imagery and colors that render true on the screen.
  • The misuse of color and arbitrary font usage is      disturbing and can be confusing to the user.  If the color of the      graphs means nothing, then the graphs should not be colored.  It’s      really that simple.  Don’t try to convey information where none is      present.  A better idea would be to use color to indicate something.
  • The average data should not be calculated in realtime      from the 6 million daily readings. Instead the town should ask for      *optional* demographic data from each resident and then build weekly (or      so) averages
  • While the current Aquastar site will be hugely useful      to some people, it needs to incorporate more “call to action”      items.

Role of the ISAB

  • But instead of talking about the details of a website, you should be talking about the concept for a good website.
  • I am concerned that the Town is using the ISAM (or any board) for basic design decisions.  User Interface design is a well-defined area of research and practice and it should be left to professionals skilled in the art.

Other Sites to Consider


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