Citizen engagement and natural disasters

I can’t stop reading stories about New Yorkers and folks near the Jersey shore. I’m particularly interested in how people are forming small bands of brothers to help those who might be overlooked in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. And, as a member of the Town of Cary’s Technology Task Force, I’m wondering how we would respond as a community to something like this. All towns have a disaster recovery and relief plan. But how do we plan to use technology to help people in need–and possibly allow people to organize and help themselves? Continue reading

Citizen engagement and the Town of Cary

Our focus as Town of Cary Technology Task Force (TTF) members is to determine how the town can use technology to better serve citizens. Based on that definition, our conversations could result in deep dives into the intricacies of data and server redundancies. Sure, we’re super geeks and technology professionals, but we’re also citizens of Cary, Wake County, North Carolina and beyond. And while technology has helped towns store and share data, it is obvious that technology is now a platform that everyone with access can use as a megaphone, a research tool, entertainment or as a method of creating conversations that lead to change. Continue reading

Technology and Youth Program Opportunites in Cary, NC

baby with ipadAs part of the Cary TTF, we are looking at ALL ways that Technology can be used to enhance the lives of folks living in Cary.  Obviously, one opportunity is to incorporate more Technology focused training and opportunities for Youth.  An important role for the Town is to create programs that incorporate STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) educational experiences.

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