TTF Sustainability

Based on several ideas by TTF members, and my own thoughts and ideas, I put the following items together for consideration by council for potential action items sustainability of citizen input for the Town on TTF-related matters.

1) Continue to use the ISAB as the standing committee that can provide a feedback loop to town staff, council, and involved citizens.
2) Sponsor a “Think Tank” on specific issues. This “Think Tank” can be open to anyone in the Cary community. This think tank meets on an ad-hoc basis.
3) Sponsor a community event/education forum that gives citizens a chance to both learn from other citizens as well as providing the knowledge and experiences.
4) Have an on-line collaboration tool for citizen to engage in technology-related discussions.

The biggest barrier to the Town engaging citizens and gathering input on Information/Technology related issues are:
• Time required from citizens – the town getting “free” consulting services
• Public record laws are overly intrusive
• Public record requirements mean that the citizen needs to physically present

Specific action items
1) ISAB invites CTO to its monthly meetings
2) Use web-ex for ISAB meetings (need cost estimate from staff)
3) Change record retention policy to remove header information for emails (need cost estimate from staff)
4) Continue to use CaryTTF as a way to keep track of all things technology related. (need cost estimate from staff to brand, monitor and market this)
5) Hold an ISAB subcommittee as a “Think Tank” pilot. Market this meeting to all Cary citizens. Agenda can be TTF follow-up. (need cost estimate from staff)

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  2. Another option would be to have a Town of Cary Fellows Program which would provide an additional resource for the TOC Staff, as well.

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