Priorities: Top 10 Website Ideas for Town of Cary

Cary, NC – At last night’s meeting of the Tech Task Force, we talked at length about ordering our priorities for the final report to Town Council. Here’s my Top 10 Website Ideas for Town of Cary.


We’ve been working for weeks on a plan to expand the way the Town uses technology to communicate with residents.

So my list is a culmination of ideas from the group, stats about the current website and a small dose of intuition.

Top 10 Website Ideas for Town of Cary

Here’s my Top 10 list. Look at the PDF for a full description, benefit and cost estimate of each project.

  1. Parks & Rec website
  2. PRCR Registration site
  3. Page-Walker website
  4. Cary Arts Center website
  5. Ad Server Website
  6. Public Works website
  7. Police Website
  8. Engagement Website
  9. Open Data site

Get the full PDF: Work Prioritization – Websites

 What Do You Think?

What kind of websites do you think the town needs? Add your thoughts in the comments to this story.

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4 thoughts on “Priorities: Top 10 Website Ideas for Town of Cary

  1. A master calendar of all events would be nice. Preferably with a public way to subscribe to the calendar.

    I believe Google calendar has this capability.

  2. Hal, we would definitely make use of #1, 2, 3, and 4 on a very regular basis. I like all of the suggestions above, but those I mentioned would be “heavily trafficked” by our family. I think your dose of intuition is right on. And I like the idea above about public being able to subscribe to a calendar – I use google calendar and LOVE that feature!

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