Legislative items to consider for TTF report

Based on several presentations by TTF members, and my own thoughts and ideas, I put the following email together for consideration by council for potential legislative agendas for the Town.

1. I would like the Town of Cary to allow the capability to have “Electronic Participation in Meetings” for its Board and Commissions, and for Town Council, as the need arises.
2.  Limit the amount of Meta data that is PUBLIC RECORD.  Private and hackable information should not be shared as part of public records requests that potentially give identity thieves too much information about a person and their computer systems.  Information is gathered from emails to Town officials and staff as part of the IP header – such as the citizen’s IP address, domain, timestamp, authentication, Computer Name and Mac-Address (both sometimes sent by some email clients, such as Outlook.)
-They SHOULD be captured for Law enforcement needs, however.  (This is all captured today, and is available via a public records request.)
3. Ability to share documents, online, with board members using a technology such as “Google Docs.”
4. Are there options to look for legislative authority to allow our public notices to have other means besides the newspaper – such as direct mail, physical posting of property, posting on the Town website, or on our channels, rather than having to pay the costs of putting it in the newspaper, that less and less people receive and read?
5. I would like to see some statement that opposes legislation that would impact our ability to offer municipal services to provide broadband to our community.  (That could potentially be something we might want to do for Downtown, but is legislatively unavailable to us, today, but available to other municipalities.)

Feel free to pull these (or others) into your TTF final report and prioritizations.

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