What mobile/web apps should we pursue?

Crime data. Greenways maps. Class schedules. There is an abundance of data out there, and the Technology Task Force is looking for ways to deliver it to Cary citizens via streamlined, easy-to-use mobile/web applications (aka, “apps”).

Do you have a ideas for apps that would improve your interaction with the Town of Cary? Let us know what you think.  Below are some ideas we’re looking into.  Suggest your own or comment on other posted ideas!

  • 311 app
  • Greenways mobile map (GPS aware)
  • Parks information
    • Mobile version of all public park information with the ability to schedule shelters, view calendar, receive park information alerts
  • Programs & classes (Parks & Rec)
    • Mobile version of current P&R web pages
  • Curbside services app
    • A mobile application that would provide information and alerts to Cary citizens about curbside services and disposal information/options for various household items (Trash pickup schedule, recycling pickup schedule, Christmas tree pickup schedule, leave pickup schedule, street sweeper schedule, text alerts for users, DPW vehicle locations, etc.)
  • White goods pickup Aap
    • A mobile application that would allow users to schedule a pickup of “white goods” items (e.g. appliances)
  • Cary calendar of events
    • Mobile version of existing Cary Calendar of Events web page with added ability to subscribe to email/text alerts to town noticies (traffic, weather, special messages, etc…)
  • POI (Cary points of interest app)
    • One or more mobile applications that provide users (citizens or visitors) with points of interest in Cary (public parking, restrooms, changing stations, parks, food, public wifi, bike racks, etc)
    • A mobile application that permits users to see the location of the CTRAN bus and allow seniors to schedule pick ups.
  • Citizen engagement apps
    • Applications that allows users (or the town) to make suggestions that the public can view, comment and show support by “up voting” specific entries. (Similar to MyStarbucksIdea.com)
  • Crime data
    • An application that displays block-level crime statistics

10 thoughts on “What mobile/web apps should we pursue?

  1. Consider as many of these apps written in an HTML5 construct. This avoids building and maintaining multiple applications for each device.

    The town should strive for the best bang for the buck and the widest possible reach to account for the multitude of device platforms.

    • Agreed! While the TTF will not dive too deep into implementation we are suggesting that the IT staff (or outside vendor) pursue a generic solution (HTML5, CSS, JS) instead of a device specific solution. Thanks for the feedback and keep the comments coming; the town needs your feedback/input.

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