Refinement of TTF Goals and Outcomes

As part of the discussions of the Task Force, we have been asked to refine our goals and outcomes.  

The Outcome as originally identified:

Develop a written report to provide to council that will also be included in the Town’s Strategic Information Technology Plan, which focuses on:

  1. How the Town should facilitate electronic citizen engagement, communication and consumption of content. The evaluation of various technologies shall be grouped by categories and include the following information:
    • brief explanation of the technology reviewed;
    • how the technology could be used to meet the goals outlined in the TTF mission statement;
    • projection of current and future usage of the technology and how its use should be measured/evaluated;
    • projection of implementation costs, on-going operation/maintenance costs, and cost savings over current practices;
    • identification of key stakeholders and a listing of potential financial partners;
    • implementation priority.
  2. Optimize the Town website to make it easier for citizens to find and consume content.
    • research and itemize “best practices” from other governmental websites;
    • conduct a thorough review/search of current website and identify areas of improvement;
    • develop a listing of website additions/modifications;
      • brief explanation;
      • how the modification meets the goals outlined in the TTF mission statement;
      • implementation cost, on-going operation/maintenance cost, and cost savings over current practices;
      • implementation priority.

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