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Cary, NC – It was a balmy night in Cary, about 72 degrees and a lavender sky over Page-Walker. I walked around the garden a bit before going upstairs for the TTF sub-committee on the task force website. The subject of the evening was a TTF website and what would be on it. And why.

In a small conference room toward the back of the building, Ian, Ray and Mike Bajorek were already talking around the table. I strolled in with Robert Campbell, a member of the ISAB, who was going to to sit in on the meeting. Citizens can do that, you know. You can, in fact. Eleanor showed up a moment later.


As usual at a TTF meeting, the discussion tended to roam the range like a primordial herd. No disciplined march of calvary toward a pre-ordained target at my meetings! I wanted to hear what everyone had to say.

We talked about users and viewers, comments and sidebars. We talked about the First Amendment and Open Meetings laws.

But, imitating a good sub-committeeman, I kept steering the conversation back to the task at hand: what should be on the website?

Eventually, we dug up some colored markers and came up with the main navigation items. Here’s a picture:

The About and Contact pages are, of course, expected and necessary.

Meetings will provide a handy place to find out about the next get-together. We may end up putting the meeting agendas and minutes under that heading as well.

But if you really want to know what’s going on, you’ll want to browse the topics. On the whiteboard, they are on the bottom right under the heading “categories.”

These are the main areas of discussion and TTF members have done some great work and really interesting presentations.

These are the main topics we identified:

  • Open GOV
  • Tools
  • Engagement
  • Social Media
  • Websites
  • Security
  • Video
  • Reference
  • Town of Cary links
  • TTF Recommendations

We may add more, or change some titles, but that’s the gist of it. Click on a topic to see what’s available on that particular subject.

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