How’s our web personality?

Currently, the Town has been using the descriptors below to help employees involved with social media “speak” in a consistent voice.  If/when the Town’s presence on social media expands, presenting a “personality” that successfully engages citizens will be critical.

So what do you think?  Will this “personality” help us meet the Town Council’s goal to better “… facilitate citizen engagement, communication and consumption of content.

Current descriptors of the Town’s New Media personality: Continue reading

Why Does Cary Need To Spend Money on Social Media

At the TTF Meeting last night the Town Staff asked one of those really important questions that, frankly, I should have answered in an earlier session… “Why does Cary need to spend money on Social Media and a new website?”

The Town “built” a new website in 2009, after working on the development for 2 years.  It’s a valid question – and in my mind there are two answers. Continue reading